Jonathan Neal Durham, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Mr. Durham was raised on the South Shore of Long Island where he spent summers at the beach and winters visiting New York City museums.  From an early age he saw himself as an artist and went to Camp Bucks Rock, an arts and crafts camp in upstate New York, during his teenage years.  His endeavours at oil painting, etching, lithography and silk-screening caught the eye of several notable art institutes and colleges: by the time he graduated high school he had scholarships to three colleges, including the Rhode Island School of Design.  

After college he took an apprenticeship at the prestigious Glo Glass glass corporation where he was thePetrossian Caviar Restaurant NYC artist responsible for conceptualizing, designing and sandblasting elaborate glass artwork for some of New York’s most prestigious homes and retail outlets including the full-height carved Erte mirror designs for the Petrossian’s Caviar restaurant in New York City and the hanging glass sculpture panels for the Neiman Marcus restaurant in Chicago.

Mr. Durham was also the artist responsible for introducing a unique and never before used method for deep-carving glass that was first used to engrave the text of Vietnam war servicemens’ personal letters into the Vietnam Memorial in downtown New York City.  

There are countless custom-carved glass tabletops and unique sand-blasted mirrors that are the original handiwork of Mr. Durham throughout New York City.

But his talents were not limited to design.  During his apprenticeship at the Glo Glass corporation Mr. Durham also proved to be a knowledgeable and proficient salesperson for the company - two years after his apprenticeship he took over the business and grew it well beyond the original owner's expectations.

The Stareal Group LLC and is proud to have Mr. Durham as a member of our team.  He brings intelligence, successful management skills, sound judgment, insightful business clarity and an aesthetic awareness that makes working with him both profitable and fun.