Restaurant Loot - eat first, ask questions later.


Why Restaurant Loot?

Toss a family's generation of commercial real estate experience together with NYC restaurant ownership and you get Restaurant Loot, a New York Real Estate-affiliated company uniquely qualified to represent your hospitality real estate interests.  Whether you are a beginner canvassing for your first location, a successful restaurateur looking to expand, or a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to retire or move onto your next adventure, we spare no effort in finding the solution that fits your unique needs.

We are your advocate and experienced negotiator, your confidant and knowledgeable representative.  There are many ingredients that make up a successful business transaction: don't leave critical decisions to your gut instinct alone or to a real estate company with limited or no experience in hospitality transactions. 

We've been through the fire.  We know the landscape.  There is no learning curve.  Whether you are buying or selling a business, call on Restaurant Loot to guide you through the multitude of decisions that ultimately leads to a successful outcome.

Decisions . . . Decisions . . . Decisions

Life outside of business is full of decisions. And some say another name for business is just decision-making. So it's no surprise that making a decision to buy or sell a business can turn the most stalwart restaurateur into a nervous wreck.  We get it.  We know you've put heart and soul into your business. But know this too: your happiness and satisfaction is one of our primary goals because without it, we get no reward. In fact, we have never been involved in any business transaction where we did not learn something from both sides of the deal. And maybe that's why we're so good at closing them - we understand that behind every business transaction is someone with a wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication.

And a history that they bring to the table.

Our job is to get you - and your counterpart - to sit down at that table and engage in an honest and straightforward negotiation.


What We Do

Assess - Define - Stategize - Enumerate - Negotiate - Close


Every business is as unique as the people who run it.  We assess your expectations and then provide you with realistic goals.


Restaurant Loot will reach out to our extensive list of established restaurateurs and businesses to find you a match.


Your business structure and financials will best define which of several paths we take to achieve a successful outcome.


This is where the rubber meets the road: but with a generation of real estate experience under our belt we are proud to say that's our strength.


This is were we map out a plan to actualize your end game, whether it is buying a new location or defining an exit strategy.


It's not enough to find a buyer or seller: you need a team capable of bringing the negotiations to a close, and that's what we've been doing for a generation.